How Video Games Are Made

Most video gamers appreciate the experience from playing their favorite games and those that are new and more challenging. They may know what separates a good game for a bad one without the knowledge of the electronics behind its construction. The story the game is based on is the first step in determining how engaging the game will be.

The Storyline

The basic story the game is based on may be a new one that comes from a game designer or it may be based on a movie, real-life events, sports, or previous versions of the same game.

Character Development

After the storyline is developed, the characters must be created. This is done by developing sketches and then transforming them into 3D characters that will be electronically programmed to perform a variety of functions. Sensors in the computer are used to animate the character and develop the realistic movements that will be mapped into the game.


The background is an important part of the theme of the game. Polygons are areas that are created by lines to make background shapes using a method of information transfer known as texture mapping.


The language used to give instructions to the computer is sm integral part of the process. It controls every other aspect of the game development. The code includes an artificial intelligence component that is responsible for the logic and the physics of the game.

The Final Test

Game testers will play the game to find areas that need to be adjusted so that the producers can work the bugs out and optimize every aspect of play to result in the best possible version of the game.

Video games can be fun entertainment for gamers of all ages. Most prefer to be continuously challenged by new and different games. Thanks to designers and developers who understand the use of computer and graphic components, there is always a great new game to try.